In which John and Hank Green are awesome!


Yesterday I met John Green! I love his books, so it was pretty amazing to hear him speak, and to get to meet him in person!

John and Hank Green were in the RDS in Dublin as part of John’s “The Fault in our Stars” Tour. On his Facebook page John said “‎1,000 people in Dublin tonight sounded like 100,000. Never felt anything like that in my life before. Thanks, Ireland! #tfioslive” And yes – it was loud, and crazy, and totally amazing!


John talked about The Fault in our Stars and then did a reading. He said that with “The Fault in our Stars” he aimed to show that a short life can be rich, full and fun too. During the questions later he commented on the significance of Augustus’ name, and how a true hero’s journey was from strength to weakness. And in response to the ending, and the fate of a certain character “I did not verb anybody!”


Hank Green played some songs – Accio Deathly Hallows was in my head for hours! He also played the Quark Song, which was rather amazing, and a beautiful (but very sad) song about “The Fault in our Stars.” (And many more!) It was a brilliant event, a mix of a book reading and a concert, and there was an amazing atmosphere!


And best of all – we got to meet John Green at the end! I told him I love his books, and he said my t-shirt was cool (!!!)

DSCF2080 (My t-shirt for the event!)

John was really lovely, and it was so amazing to meet him! I have all my John Green books signed by both him and Hank now! It was great to meet Hank too, I love his songs (especially the Harry Potter ones!) I will be following this post up with reviews of John’s books. Readers – what is your favourite John Green book? And were any of you at this event?