Thursday Trio: Podcasts I Love

Thursday Trio is a new feature I am trying out on this blog, to get back into the swing of things here. And what better to start with than podcasts, my new love in life. As ever, I’m a bit late to the party but these are my three favourite podcasts that I am listening to at the moment/have listened to recently. Listed in the order I discovered them.

Witch Please

Witch, Please

A podcast that combines Harry Potter and feminist scholarship? Yes please! Co-hosted by Canadian academics Marcelle Kosman and Hannah McGregor this is a highly entertaining podcast that will make you reconsider various aspects of the books and films. It is both smart and laugh-out-loud funny, and also makes excellent use of sound effects. The first season covers all the books and movies, and also extras such as the Lego computer game and the world of Harry Potter merchandising or book design. The second season focused on fandom and fan culture, and included the Warner Brothers studio tour and Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On. I eagerly anticipate season three!

Secret Feminist Agenda

Secret Feminist Agenda

I came to this podcast through Witch Please, as it is hosted by Hannah McGregor. It is a weekly podcast with a different guest each week covering such diverse topics as astrology, Doctor Who, fashion and body positivity, all with a feminist bent. The reading lists provided each week are very interesting and have led me to some fascinating articles. The discussions are stimulating and have certainly expanded my feminism. Also, Kaarina’s self-care corner is a cosy hug of a segment. Sadly this podcast is also on hiatus at the moment!

Bonnets at Dawn

I am currently listening to, and loving, this podcast. It pitches Jane Austen against the Bronte sisters. Lauren Burke (Team Austen) and Hannah Chapman (Team Bronte) have episodes such as Darcy vs Heathcliff and Steventon vs Haworth. I have learnt a lot about Austen and the Brontes, and it is also a very enjoyable listen. I am glad to have plenty of episodes ahead of me! (For now I remain Team Austen, although Wuthering Heights is a brilliant book)

Happy listening!