Review: Miraculous Miranda by Siobhán Parkinson

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Miraculous Miranda
Siobhán Parkinson
Hodder Children’s Books (2016)
Miranda has a big imagination, and an inexhaustible curiosity about the world around her. She always wins Word of the Day at school, and she loves language and books. She writes stories about a fantasy land she has named Magnanimous, the capital of which is Splendifirous, a city with silver gates and giraffe guards. When Miranda’s writing seems to cause some small miracles, she wonders if she can create a miracle for her sister Gemma, who is seriously ill.

Miraculous Miranda is a simply marvellous book. Miranda herself is utterly charming, with her love of phrases like ‘that is the thing with life’ and her matter-of-fact approach to everything. Even the miracles are laid out in a table to be examined and classified. The family dynamics, particularly Miranda’s relationship with her grandmother, are handled with sensitivity and Parkinson creates a book that is both moving and funny.

It is also a very beautiful book, the illustrations by Karen Radford work beautifully with the story and the design and typesetting are appealing.

Parkinson has written a number of brilliant books for children and young adults (Sisters…No Way! and Something Invisible are two of my favourites) and with Miraculous Miranda she proves once again that she is one of Ireland’s best writers for young people.


Louisa (of Books Upstairs), Siobhán Parkinson and illustrator PJ Lynch at the launch of Miraculous Miranda


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