Review: As I Descended by Robin Talley


As I Descended 

Robin Talley

HarperTeen (2016) 


Delilah Dufrey is top student at Acheron Academy. She’s the most popular girl in school and a shoo in for the prestigious Cawdor Kingsley Prize. She is also the only thing preventing Maria Lyon and Lily Boiten’s dream future. Best friends, and secretly a couple, if Maria wins that prize it means they can go to college together. They want this future more than anything, and they are willing to do anything to achieve it. When they call on the spirits that haunt the school, a former planation, the feud becomes darker and deadlier than they could ever have imagined. But there is no turning back…

As I Descended is a queer retelling of Macbeth set in a haunted boarding school. It’s such a clever reworking of the play – using the power structures of the school, the spirits as the witches – but readers with no knowledge of Macbeth could enjoy it as a brilliant book in its own right. I loved seeing how Talley reworked the plot, and how quotes were used as chapter titles. The cast is diverse in terms of race and sexuality, and many of the roles have been gender swapped. Talley engages with her characters’ identities and with their different life experiences – some are open about their sexuality, some more conflicted. She treats Lily’s disability in a sensitive manner, and really shows how much she struggles. Most of all, it was just so creepy. There are some scenes that will be staying with me for a long time. Not one to read late at night!

Originally reviewed for LoveReading4Kids.



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