Review: Time After Time by Judi Curtin


Time After Time

Judi Curtin

O’Brien Press, 2016

Best friends Molly and Beth think their lives are complicated when their families move in together, but things are about to get even weirder…When they leave a strange shop via a back door they find themselves caught in the past. It’s like a whole different world – their phones don’t work, their ripped jeans are odd and the music is awful. Then they realise their parents are teenagers now, and decide to track them down. For Beth this is an amazing chance to meet the mother who died when she was only a baby. But the journey may be more difficult than the girls expected…

I think Time After Time is Judi Curtin’s best book yet. She writes sensitively about family dynamics, friendship and loss. There are some very moving scenes towards the end of the book when Beth meets her mother, and I may have shed a few tears. These scenes are beautifully written, and so full of feeling.  The book is also humorous as the girls navigate the world of their parents’ youth, getting into many scrapes along the way. Molly and Beth are likeable heroines, and Judi Curtin certainly throws many obstacles in their way! Both entertaining and emotional, Time After Time has heart and is sure to be a winner with Judi Curtin’s many fans. Just remember to have tissues at the ready as time after time (ha!) this book will make you well up.

Interview with Judi Curtin coming Wednesday 7th September!

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