Getting It Write – #YAieDay Panel Round Up

On October 3rd I hosted a panel as part of #YAieDay, which was organised by Michelle Moloney King. My panel was all about writing, and I talked to authors Judi Curtin (Alice and Megan series, Eva series), Tatum Flynn (The D’evil Diaries), E.R. Murray (The Book of Learning), Nigel Quinlan (The Maloney’s Magical Weatherbox) and Deirdre Sullivan (Primrose Leary trilogy). Below are some of the conversations from the panel, and some great writing tips from the authors.

When and where do you write?

We also found out how incredibly productive E.R. Murray is:

All these tweets proved to be too much for my laptop, and I had to rush to a desktop computer:

The writers had mixed feelings about listening to music, but agreed that reading work aloud is good for dialogue:

Do you have any writing rituals?

And finally, some writing tips:

And a tip from brilliant author/illustrator Oísín McGann:

Check out the rest of our discussion (and all the great panels throughout the day!) using the hashtag #YAieDay. Thanks to the lovely writers for answering my questions, and to Shelly Moloney King for a fantastic day of bookish fun 🙂

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