Review: A Clock or a Crown? by Caroline Logue, illustrated by Sarah Bowie


Suitcases: A Clock or a Crown?

Caroline Logue, illustrated by Sarah Bowie

Little Island, 8+

All she had to do was press a rusty button on each side of the ancient brown suitcase to make the locks flip up and the magic begin.

A magical suitcase in her aunt and uncle’s house takes Jenny on journeys back through history, with the help of the cranky Jeremiah Gnome. This time, Jenny finds herself in a huge clock with a strange spiky-haired boy who says things like ‘piff’, ‘chillax’ and ‘co-dee’. Soon, Jenny is whisked off on a fantastical adventure filled with kings and queens, explorers and poets. When and where is she? Who will she meet? And how will she get home again?

This is a fantastical time-travelling tale for children aged 8+. Not only will the reader learn about such historical figures as Sir Walter Raleigh and Queen Elizabeth I (notes at the end of the book provide a good starting point for research) but they will enjoy the many twists and turns in Jenny’s adventure. The narration is fun, as Jenny’s ‘Sensible Self’ and ‘Risky Self’ guide her actions, and she encounters a host of entertaining characters during her adventure. The design is inventive and matches Caroline Logue’s creative use of language. Sarah Bowie’s playful black-and-white illustrations suit the tone of the book perfectly and her depictions of the various historical figures in the book are very entertaining. The cover, designed to look like an old suitcase, is eye-catching and will appeal to young readers.

Check out the barcode – it’s shaped like the Houses of Parliament!



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