Review: Don’t Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowski

I enjoyed Sarah Mlynowski’s character Mel in How To Be Bad, and I picked Don’t Even Think About It up at the How To Be Bad event in Easons O’Connell St when it was recommended by E. Lockhart.

Cover image from Goodreads

Cover image from Goodreads

Don’t Even Think About It

Sarah Mlynowski

Orchard Books, 2014

YA Contemporary

A routine flu vaccination has unforeseen consequences for the students of homeroom 10B – they develop powers of telepathy. They can communicate with each other through their thoughts, but they can also read the minds of everyone around them. This is both brilliant – they can cheat on tests – and terrible – they learn more about their parents than they ever wanted to know. They know what their best friends and crushes think of them, they can read their teachers’ minds. Can they keep their secrets hidden from their classmates? And how will they use their newfound powers?

This is an entertaining and thought-provoking novel, which makes the reader think about how they would use such powers, and what thoughts they would rather keep hidden. Mlynowski has created a memorable cast of characters (Olivia who suffers with social anxiety and hypochondria was particularly well written) and puts them through plenty of drama. While having over 20 students affected by this vaccine makes for a large number of characters, the ones Mlynowski focuses on have interesting and varied experiences as ‘Espies.’ Olivia gains confidence from her new powers. Cooper discovers some terrible truths about his girlfriend Mackenzie, and about his parents’ relationship. Pi, sick of always coming second in class, decides to use her powers to become extraordinary. Mlynowski developed her characters well throughout the book, one in particular surprised me.

This is a fun read – watch out for the reference to an E. Lockhart book! I’m looking forward to reading the sequel – Think Twice – which has not been released yet.


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