Review: Fire Colour One by Jenny Valentine

Jenny Valentine’s Broken Soup is a favourite book of mine, so I was delighted to hear that Jenny Valentine had a new book out. I love the cover of this book – particularly the little eye on the spine, which is linked to the story. Thanks to LoveReading4Kids for sending me a review copy.

Fire Colour One

Cover image from Goodreads.




‘I think about the dancing, shifting, elusive character of a fire, of the colour it paints, unlike any other colours I will ever find, in a whole lifetime of looking.’

Iris is obsessed with fire: with its flickering colours, its energy, its calming, cleansing power. It is her way of expressing herself and of dealing with her vain, money-grabbing mother and step-father. When her mother Hannah learns that Iris’s wealthy father Ernest is dying, they rush to his side enthralled by his fortune and his expensive art collection. But Iris isn’t interested in the money, she just wants to get back to Thurston, her best friend who opened her eyes to art and to new ways of looking at the world. She has no time for the father who abandoned her years ago. But gradually she learns that her ideas about Ernest may not be right, but they don’t have much time left…

This is an utterly compelling read, about art, family, love and loss. Iris is a strong protagonist – she is deeply flawed, but also intelligent and passionate about art. Thurston is an intriguing character who creates thought-provoking and daring performance art, and Hannah’s self-obsession is captured perfectly.  Fire Colour One is beautifully written, the imagery is vivid and enthralling (see quote above). As an art lover myself, I found this book particularly enjoyable. The last few chapters of the book were sheer brilliance – I can’t wait to re-read this book, and I am so delighted that Jenny Valentine is back.

Highly recommended for fans of We Were Liars by E. Lockhart.

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