Review: Remix by Non Pratt

Non Pratt’s debut novel Trouble has been a huge success, shortlisted for the inaugural YA Book Prize. Her second book, Remix, is ‘a novel about boys, bands and best mates.’

Image from Goodreads.

Image from Goodreads.


Non Pratt

Walker Books, June 2015

YA – Contemporary

Best friends Kaz and Ruby are off to Remix music festival for the weekend. The two friends think they know everything about each other, but neither has been completely honest about their ex-boyfriend. Kaz is still heartbroken after her beloved boyfriend Tom dumped her, and she hasn’t told Ruby that he will be at the festival too. Everyone thinks Ruby is so over her ex Stu, but he isn’t that easy to forget. During a weekend of music, energy and stars; their friendship is tested by the dramatic events that unfold.

Remix switches between Kaz and Ruby’s point of view, sometimes their respective sections are quite short which can make the text a bit choppy. However, overall I liked the alternating voices, and felt both protagonists were likeable and relatable. While Kaz as the quiet, sensitive friend who is a talented musician was a bit stereotypical, I liked how Pratt developed her character throughout the novel. Similarly, brash and outgoing Ruby becomes more vulnerable throughout the book. By the end of the book, both characters had grown, but some problems were still left unresolved.

There is also a cast of memorable supporting characters who add greatly to the novel. Pratt’s characters felt very real – they make some stupid decisions, they have fun, they fight, and they care deeply about each other. I liked that while this book deals with romance, at its core is Kaz and Ruby’s friendship. Remix shows how friendships change as people grow.

One of Pratt’s strength is dialogue, and this is part of what makes the book so readable. She also creates a great festival atmosphere, capturing the excitement and the power of music. The buzzing festival is an interesting setting for a story that is fun and entertaining, but also very moving and emotional.

Trouble is high on my TBR list, thanks to LoveReading4Kids for sending me a copy of Remix to review. Check out the other reviewer’s thoughts on Remix here.

2 thoughts on “Review: Remix by Non Pratt

  1. Great review, Jenny! I recently read this as well and was also drawn in by the main friendship between the characters. I’m a big fan of Non’s narrative style, she’s the first author I’ve come across for quite a while that pulls of dual narration in a way where I feel equally invested in both POVs.

    I’m a huge fan of Trouble so I really hope you like it!

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