Review: Afterworlds by Scott Westerfield

Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld

Image from LoveReading4Kids


Scott Westerfield

Simon & Schuster, 2014

YA – Contemporary/Paranormal

Teenage author Darcy Patel has just signed a two-book deal, and is moving to New York. Her new life there is exciting and different,  living by herself and becoming part of the YA scene. But it is also challenging, she feels young and inexperienced, and is struggling with writing and edits. Lizzie, the main character in Darcy’s novel, crosses into the afterworld during a terrorist attack. This brush with death leaves her with strange new powers, and a strong connection to Yama, a death lord.

Told in alternating chapters, this book is a strange mix between contemporary and a paranormal thriller. At first I found Darcy’s chapters more compelling and found it took me a while to get into Lizzie’s story. However, I liked the balance between the two. I found Darcy’s character frustrating at times, I wanted her to be less passive and to take more initiative. However, I do feel her character grew throughout the book and I really enjoyed reading about her experiences in the world of publishing. I was also annoyed at how Lizzie’s story was left off, and felt the way it was told made it harder to connect with.

Overall I felt this was an enjoyable read, and would recommend it for people interested in getting an insight into the writing and publishing of YA.

Originally reviewed for LoveReading4Kids, check out the other reviewers’ thoughts on Afterworlds here.


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