Review: A Crack in Everything – Ruth Frances Long


A Crack in Everything

Ruth Frances Long

O’Brien Press, 2014

YA – Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy

Izzy Gregory has always loved Dublin, its maze of small streets and hidden wonders, but little does she know what secrets the city really holds. Existing alongside Dublin is Dubh Linn, the darkly magical world of the Sidhe, where ancient clans are engaged in a strained peace agreement. When Izzy touches a painting of an angel on a wall; she is plunged into a world of danger, magic and intrigue. The mysterious Jinx is sent to capture her, but it is not as simple as he planned. There are many magical beings who want Izzy’s new powers, and the growing attraction between Izzy and Jinx makes things even more complicated…

As someone who spends much of her life in Dublin, I thoroughly enjoyed the setting of this book and how buildings such as the Casino at Marino were incorporated into the story. Izzy and Jinx were strong leads, and other characters like Silver, Dylan, Brí and Holly were very memorable. The large cast of characters (particularly in the Sidhe world) and the different terms used can make this a confusing read at times, and I think my familiarity with Irish and Irish folklore certainly helped me at points. However, overall I loved the rich and magical world Long has created, and the parts of the story that take part in Dubh Linn are very evocative. I haven’t read a lot of Urban Fantasy, but it is certainly a genre I would like to explore further.

Both Izzy and Jinx were compelling characters, and I liked seeing both their points of view in the book. The romance element of the plot was handled well, and I think the growing attraction between Izzy and Jinx really added to the story. However, I liked that it didn’t dominate the book – the conflicts and politics within the Sidhe world, the dangerous spark carried by Izzy and the revelation of Jinx’s complex past were all gripping parts of the plot and I was glad they were explored. This is a paranormal romance, but it is also a gripping fantasy adventure. The plot has plenty of twists and turns, and A Crack in Everything is certainly a compelling and exciting read. I am looking forward to the sequel, A Hollow in the Hills.

A Crack in Everything will be launched tomorrow (4th September) in The Gutter Bookshop at 18.30.

Thank you to O’Brien Press for sending me a copy of this title to review, I really enjoyed it!



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