Review: Picture Me Gone – Meg Rosoff


Picture Me Gone

Meg Rosoff

Penguin (2013)

12+, YA

Mila is not an ordinary 12 year old. Intelligent beyond her years, and remarkably intuitive, she can read people and rooms; picking up on emotions and atmosphere.  So when her father’s friend Matthew goes missing, can Mila find the tiny clues everyone else has overlooked? During the course of her journey with her father to find Matthew, Mila must confront the darker side of human life, and come to grips with a mind she can barely understand.

This is an unusual and gripping new novel from bestselling author Meg Rosoff, with an unforgettable lead character. It is sensitively written, giving a real insight into Mila’s mind and it is enjoyable to watch her grow throughout the novel. The strong relationship she shares with her parents was both refreshing and touching.  I also liked that the possibility of a romance was very much in the background, something which worked well both with Mila’s age and with allowing her individual development as a character. Her journey (physical, mental and emotional) in this book is rendered powerfully. With plenty of twists, and lots of heartfelt emotion Picture Me Gone is both a compelling mystery and a moving coming of age story, not to be missed.

I met Meg Rosoff at Writer's Web TV, she kindly signed my book and gave me some writing advice.

I met Meg Rosoff at Writer’s Web TV, she kindly signed my book and gave me some writing advice.

This review originally appeared in Inis Magazine, issue 40.



3 thoughts on “Review: Picture Me Gone – Meg Rosoff

  1. I am fangirling the heck out right now! I read this novel this year and LOVED it, but barely anyone seems to have read it, and those who have didn’t like it much. I’m so glad to have finally come across someone else who enjoyed it. 🙂

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