Halloween Review: Unrest by Michelle Harrison


It’s been a while! I’m very busy with college work, so it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to read anything, let alone review it! But as Halloween is nigh, I’ve decided to post a review I did for Inis Magazine of Unrest by Michelle Harrison. I wrote the review about this time last year, in my pre-blogging days. I’m not a big horror reader, but I love Unrest! It’s my favourite scary YA read, because it’s really chilling, and I don’t think I’ll ever get some of the scenes out of my head! Not only is it terrifying, but it also a very atmospheric read with strong characters and a compelling mystery plot. It’s a real page turner – but don’t read it near bedtime! Also it is quite dark, definitely a YA read – 14+.

Happy Halloween!



Michelle Harrison

YA (Horror/Mystery/Thriller)

Simon & Schuster 2012

Elliot sees ghosts. Sometimes he is paralysed as they taunt him, sometimes he moves outside his sleeping body. But is he being haunted, or is it the trauma of a near-death experience manifesting itself in a sleep disorder?  To discover the truth, Elliot takes a job at Past Lives, a local haunted museum. On his tours he meets the mysterious and distant Ophelia, who seems to be hiding a dark secret.  But when the ghosts come out, can Elliot hide his visions? And can he stay in control, when a menacing ghost vies to take over his body?

Unlike Michelle Harrison’s 13 Treasures series, this spooky novel is definitely for an older teen audience. It is a chilling read, and an excellent mystery story. Michelle Harrison creates a strong lead character in Elliot and an atmospheric setting in the ghostly museum. Gripping right from the spooky first chapter, the hauntings are genuinely frightening (not one to read before bed!) and the plot fast-paced and compelling. The different elements of the tale work together well, Harrison blends horror, mystery and romance. Her examination of sleeping disorders gives an interesting slant on the ghost story, and creates uncertainty for the reader. There is a brilliant twist at the end that, despite the clever clues Harrison gave, came as a complete surprise. Prepare for suspense and scares – but not much sleep!


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