Review: Blood Tracks by Paula Rawsthorne

Hello! I’m back! Now my exams are over, I’m hoping to have a lot more reviews up here. Coming soon: CBI Conference round-up, Michelle Harrison double review, Carnaby by Cate Sampson review, and Hugh Lane review. Enjoy! 🙂

Blood Tracks by Paula Rawsthorne

Everyone tells Gina Wilson that she has to accept her father killed himself, and move on. But she can’t. She knows it wasn’t suicide, and she is determined to prove it. But the world her investigations take her into is darker and more dangerous than she could ever have imagined. No-one will listen to her, until she meets Declan Doyle. Declan accepts her theories, but does he have his own motivations?

I loved Paula Rawsthorne’s first novel The Truth About Celia Frost, so I was very excited to read this! Blood Tracks is a fast-paced, exciting thriller with some very clever twists. Gina is a strong protagonist, and Rawsthorne shows Gina’s determination and bravery, but also her grief and confusion about her father’s death. Declan too is well written, and I was kept guessing about his reasons for helping Gina. The two narrative voices work well, and there is plenty of suspense to keep the pages turning! There are also some great supporting characters – Mrs McManus and Bridie especially! Both the relationship and thriller aspects of this novel were convincing, and it was a gripping and exciting read. Personally, I felt it wasn’t quite as good as The Truth About Celia Frost, but it was still an engaging read, and I look forward to what Paula Rawsthorne writes next!

Review originally published on LoveReading4Kids. Check out the other reviewers’ thoughts, and get more information on the book here:

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