Review: By Any Other Name by Laura Jarratt

Holly hasn’t been called Holly for very long. She used to be called Louisa, but now her family has been put in the witness protection programme. Everything has to change. New identity, new home, new school, new life. Her sister Katie is autistic and can’t cope with the changes. Holly must find a way to build a new life and to try and forget the trauma of her past. But she also has to learn about herself – and decide who Holly is.

This book has an excellent mix of adventure, family and romance. Whether it’s the tense thriller plot, Holly’s family struggles, or the budding romance with a boy at her new school, Jarratt keeps the tale gripping. This is a book that is both exciting and moving, thought provoking and thrilling. Holly is an excellent narrator, and she really grows throughout the book. The crime from which Holly is hiding does not disappoint when it is finally revealed, and her tale of self discovery is a believable one. This is a powerful book, a memorable and enjoyable read. One of my favourite YA books of 2013, very highly recommended for ages 14+

Review for LoveReading –

I really loved this book, and how Laura Jarratt mixed emotion and action. I definitely want to read Skin Deep, her first book.

If you like this try Losing Lila by Sarah Alderson. It’s a great thriller, with some supernatural elements and some romance too. It has a faster pace than By Any Other Name, but they are both gripping and enjoyable reads.

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