Exhibition: The Ros Tapestry at Farmleigh House

What: The Ros Tapestry, a work in progress since 1998, the work of over 150 embroiderers.
Where: Farmleigh Gallery, Phoenix Park, Dublin
When: Until 1st April 2013
Free in – and well worth a visit!

The Ros Tapesty is currently on display in Farmleigh House. Telling ancient tales of Irish history, it is an incredible work of art – the level detail and amount of work involved are astonishing. It was begun almost 14 years ago, and 12 of the 15 panels are now complete. It is hoped that it will be fully completed in two years time, and will find a permanent home.

The tapestry tells the tale of the Vikings and the foundation of the Norman New Ross. The first panel shows a Celtic ritual, and the last panel, not completed yet and so represented in the exhibition as a painted cartoon, shows the Irish and Normans mingling at a fair. Some panels are still being worked on – this gives an interesting sense of the process of making the tapestries. My favourite three panels are:

1) The Marriage of Isabel de Clare and William Marshall – a large panel showing the wedding of Aoife and Strongbow, and of Isabel de Clare and William Marshall, the Flower of Chivalry. There is a lot to see in this panel – including pink horses!

2)The Sheaf of Corn, a recently completed panel, shows the beautiful young Aoife playing the harp. The folds of her vibrant green dress shows the skill of the embroiderers.

3)William Marshall’s Stormy Crossing to Ireland, the tempestuous waves create a dramatic sense of motion.

Check out www.rostapestry.com for more on the tapestry, and make sure to see it in the Farmleigh Gallery – you will be impressed!


2 thoughts on “Exhibition: The Ros Tapestry at Farmleigh House

  1. The tapestries were beautiful. The tapestry of the Sheaf of Corn was amazing. Please keep posting such great reviews.

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